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We Make Android Apps

Development of customized applications for your company

  • App with connection to the electronic card’s interface, via Bluetooth
  • Scanning App that uses phone’s internal memory card and camera
  • App with WebApp interface, including users and cloud database 
  • App with Google Maps integration

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We Make iPhone & iPad Apps

Merenel is certified Apple Developer, subscribed to develop and publish all type of Apps, including on the Apple Store.

Download our free apps from the Apple store.

Server for Industry 4.0

Add internet connectivity to your industrial device in order to make it compatible with Industry 4.0 standards

  • Update firmware via Wi-Fi
  • Send cloud data
  • Send inputs remotely
  • Set automatic email notifications
  • Send commands from everywhere in the world
  • Employ the MQTT protocol
  • Add an API function to your device

Open Source Projects by Merenel

Explore www.instructables.com. A website sponsored by Autodesk where all the makers of the world compete and explain step by step open source projects that inspire the others. 


Lighting a New Flat with Style

With LED hexagon lamps

Multi Scanner App

App to get text and to scan Qr codes and Bar codes

Car Finder App

Find where you parked

App with Bluetooth

Connected to the car lift

Merenel Business App

Managing App for your business

IoT Portal

With electronic cards for monitoring

Lighting an house with arches

With LED hexagon lamps

Restaurant’s Website

With WooCommerce and Home Delivery

Server for 4.0 Device

With hosting on chip Wi-Fi