Car Finder App

The concept is “an app to remind you where you parked”.

Park without thoughts and just use this app to save the location. 

You can also take a picture of your car or of the parking number, this will make it easier to find your car if you have parked in a multi-storey. 

Easy and fast to use and without any ads. A completely free app.


Plug-ins to make the app:


  •          Google maps platform (integrated in Google Cloud) for maps API

  •          Camera to take a picture of the parking spot

  •         Smartphone storage to save the picture


        The core of the app is Google Maps Service. Google gives us a key that we put into the app. If the Internet traffic generated by this key is low the service is free for the developer, if it is high it will be billed monthly proportionally to the traffic.

Smartphone Android Honor 9 Lite

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Apple iPad 3a generation