IoT Portal

For a company in the energy sector, Merenel and Supergab have created a system with sensor and an Internet of Things (IoT) portal.

Consisting of Arduino IoT boards, configurable through a custom app developed with Ionic 5 that allows you to connect them to your WiFi network.

The cards then send readings at regular intervals from electric power meters (or thermometers). Each user can see their data on the portal.


  • WordPress site with user login and sign up

  • Tables and charts generated in the WordPress environment

  • Cloud database

  • Prototype with Arduino IoT with flash sensor or photodiode (or humidity and temperature sensor)

  • 7800mA power bank that powers the sensor for about a week

Real life example of an house

In this example you can see how consumption in Watts / hour (Wh) changes in a house over the course of a day when the different appliances are turned on.

The consumption in Wh is measured directly by the electric power meter: each time the red LED on the meter flashes it means that 1Wh has been used.

The electronic board through a sensor captures these flashes and sends them to the cloud.

Installed prototypes