Multi Scanner App

This app made with Ionic will allow you:

  • to convert pictures to text
  • to scan and generate Qr-codes and Barcodes
  • to insert scanned codes in Excel lists

Without ads and completely for free.


  • Capture text from books and documents
  • Capture text from labels on products (wine bottles, drink cans, food packing)
  • Scan Qr codes (and if it’s a link open in the browser).
  • Scan Barcodes
  • Create your own Barcodes and QR codes and save them as PDF or image.
  • Easily save, edit and manage all your scanned records.

Plug-ins used:

  • Camera with picture conversion to Basa64
  • OCR (Optical character recognition) API carried out on a different server
  • .xlsx (Excel document) creation, editing and saving
  • QR-codes scan plug-in
  • Bar-code scan plug-in
  • Script to convert text to Qr-code
  • Script to convert text to Barcode
  • Memory storage for saving records

Smartphone Android Honor 9 Lite

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Apple iPad 3a generation