Merenel Business App

Merenel has created Merenel Business: a powerful enterprise resources planning (ERP) app accessible from anywhere and any device. Completely for free.

Merenel allows you to make all Business-to-Business (B2B) activities easy and automatic

  • order raw materials from suppliers
  • bills of materials for production
  • warehouse stocks’ movement
  • invoices and documents for transport

App's features

  • Select black or white app theme

  • Save all data in the cloud and access from multiple devices at the same time

  • Add your company logo

  • Choose your language from 5 available

  • Use an account for the manager, who can change the main company information, and unlimited user accounts

  • Add the emails of your colleagues so that they can also log in with their credentials

  • Create orders and track them (to be ordered, shipped, received)

  • Automatic saving of the details of the last order. If you exit and then re-enter in the order form, the data you had written before are not deleted

  • Create professional looking PDF orders to email them to your suppliers

  • Add QR-codes or barcodes to stock items

  • Search past orders

  • Autocomplete to quickly create orders for a supplier you have already purchased from

    Enter the net value of the product and based on the value set as VAT the gross value will be calculated

  • Better manage stock items and look for them through the search bar by description, code, category
  • Auto-completion of words in the search bar
  • Search by scanning the QR-code, this allows you to quickly identify a real item with the QR-code
  • Label the warehouse items with labels generated on demand
  • Create a bill of materials, thus connect the raw materials of the warehouse with the final products
  • Filter the warehouse by categories or suppliers and easily download Excel spreadsheets with all economic data and quantity of pieces
  • Change the quantities of stocks of raw materials (or ingredients) for the end of the year inventory
  • Clearly see the final cost of a finished product and decide the price to sell it at, this will ensure that you are always working with a positive margin

  • decide which and how many stock items are used for a particular finished product

  • if a stock item has multiple prices from different suppliers, choose the price you want to use to calculate the final cost of the product you want to produce
  • Quickly produce many different products and automatically stock quantities will be updated
  • See your stock of finished products ready to be sent to customers
  • Enter the final product code and final sales price
  • Unload products from the warehouse when they are sold and change correct the quantity you have in stock
  • Create professional-looking transport document in PDF format when final products need to be shipped to customers
  • Create professional-looking invoices to send to your customers
  • Add QR-codes and barcodes to PDFs so they can be scanned and managed quickly by your customers
  • The gross value will be calculated on the invoice by adding the specified VAT.
  • Automatic saving of the last completed transport document or invoice: if you exit and then re-enter the form you were previously filling, it is not deleted

Smartphone Android Honor 9 Lite

Tablet Android Sony Xperia Z5

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Apple iPad 3a generazione