Lighting a New Flat with Style

Lighting study with customized Merenel handcrafted LED lamps and some Hikea lamps which together provide complete stylish lighting for a recently renovated flat.

The number of lamps was determined by the lighting study to ensure that all areas were lit with quality according to the Lux values recommended for the various areas (corridor, bathroom, living room, bedroom).

To homogenize the light in the kitchen, where it is needed to pepper the food, individual Merenel luminous hexagons were chosen which project a very homogeneous light. On the worktop, the light is even more concentrated thanks to a light bar of warm light that has been integrated with the hood lights’ switch.

For the living room, Hikea spotlights were chosen with remote control dimmable bulbs that focus the light to the central area of the table. On the left side runs a Wall Washer LED light strip that floods the wall with dim light to create a relaxing and ambient effect.

For the bedroom, a double hexagon lamp was made with an integrated electronic board that makes it dimmable from an App via Bluetooth. The lamp maintains the last selected brightness settings and can be turned on or off both from the classic on/off switch and from the App.


Plan of the lamps seen from the bottom up simulating how the viewer sees them in each room

Lux Grid

Grid of Lux values ​​to determine if the double hexagon lamp is enough to illuminate the bedroom


Isolines and Lux ​​with color contrast with the less bright areas of the house circled in red

The hexagonal lamps were made by Merenel and advice was given on which lamps to buy from Hikea for the interior and from Leroy Merlin for the exterior.

Unlike the original project, spotlights were installed both in the anteroom and in the bathroom area where the shower is located.

Merenel lamps:

  • 1 LED bar for the kitchen countertop
  • 1 double hexagon dimmable from the App via Bluetooth for the bedroom
  • 2 single mini hexagons for the bathroom
  • 2 single mini-hexagons for entrance
  • 2 single hexes for entrance
  • 1 x Wall Washer LED strip

Hikea lamps for interiors:

  • 1 spotlight for the bathroom (spot on shower)
  • 1 spotlight for the dressing room
  • 1 group of 3 spotlights for the living room
  • 1 spotlight for the living room
  • 2 sconces in the bedroom

Leroy Merlin lamps for outdoors:

  • 4 recessed wall lights in box 503
  • 3 outdoor lights