App with Bluetooth

Merenel carried out a full R&D project, which involved the creation of an app for both Android and iOS using Ionic 5 framework, for a company that specializes in the production and maintenance of automated parking systems. Merenel also programmed the prototype of the input/output  board with Arduino. This electronic board is controlled via Bluetooth by the app that activates the RGB LED light  and some relays.

Initially the system integrated also RTSP streaming protocol and YouTube API. An IP camera on the LAN network was used to do a live stream directly to the app through a Raspberry Pi that was decoding the video signal.

Features of the final App:

  • connect to one of the two Bluetooth antennas that can be installed far away from the car lift with cables for RS485
  • activate relays on the board
  • activate signals that allow the user to change the light intensity of the 24V RGB LEDs fixed on the car lift
  • available in two languages, Italian and English