Server for 4.0 Device

Merenel gave support to an important company for the 4.0 transition for their electronic boards.

Machinery transition to Industry 4.0 allows to their customers to get 40% discount on their end of the year tax and to get iper-depreciation loans in Italy.

The name 4.0 is related to the fourth industrial revolution where machines can send data to the Cloud. It’s possible to do predictive maintenance with collected data via sensors. Inside a smart factory machines are connected and developers can write code in order to integrate API functions for different machines to make them interact with each other.

For example in a productive chain for pizza you’ll find a:

  1. Kneader

  2. Spreading dough machine

  3. Stuffing pizza machine

  4. Leaving machine

  5. Cooking oven

All these machines have an interface and they’re all connected via the same Wi-Fi network. Middle-ware software can be written allowing API (third parties software solutions) interactions between all the devices of the network. 

A project for this configuration uses:

  • Server installed on a  chip ESP32 with Arduino firmware built with Visual Micro

  • Dashboard built in  Bootstrap where you can check real time data and send remote commands

  • Cloud Database where data history is saved

  • Script to send automatic predictive maintenance emails at preset thresholds

  • API based custom commands

  • MQTT broker with cloud dashboard to access and send commands from anywhere in the world